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Silicone Candle Mold FAQ


Read this if you make candles!  We all know how time consuming and messy candle making is.  We trust that you have completed your own research and are using the typical safety techniques associated with candle making.  So much of it is trial and error.  That's part of the beauty of making your own candles.  If you don't like it, you can always re-melt it.

Read this if you have never made a candle before!  I don't want to discourage anyone from trying new things but these molds are professional silicone candle molds.  If you do not have any knowledge or experience in candle making  then these molds may not be for you.  If you are interested in learning how to make candles.  There is a plethora of knowledge available at your fingertips.  A simple online search for "candle making" will give you a good place to start. 

Q: My silicone candle mold is ripped. Is it broken?

A: Many of these silicone molds may have slits in the design to aid in the release of the candle.  These may look like tears, cracks, or damage but they are not,  They are intentional relief cuts placed into the design.  Without them you would not be able to remove certain parts of the candle without breaking it.  I cannot express enough how necessary these slits are.  You can also make your own slits in troubled areas using a sharp knife.  These slits do not affect the appearance of the candle.  

Q: What should i do with a silicone candle mold i purchased in  used condition?

A: These molds are used and they have been in storage for some time.  You will need to clean them before using.  To clean:  You can wash them in a warm soapy water and use a soft bristle brush to remove wax and debris or just pour some scrap wax in the cavity and viola..your ready to make candles.

Q: How do i wick a silicone candle mold?

A: Wicking the candles:  Several of the molds are wick ready: Which means that they were designed with a wick area all ready in the mold.  Insert wick, rubber band mold and pour.  Some of the one piece molds have a wick hole:  Drop wick in place, secure, pour.  For the molds that do not have a wick hole or area that a wick would reside you will either have to make your own hole into the mold or in the finished product. A drill with a 1/8 drill bit is a perfect size. Or, heat a darning needle, pierce a hole and position your wick.  If you are going to make a hole in the mold, you can use a loop turner (available at most sewing stores) to help thread the wick through the mold.

Q: How do I hold the pieces together?

A: Rubber Bands: Rubber bands are an essential part of making candles using silicone molds. 2 piece and 3 piece molds are held together using rubber bands.  Invest in some heavy duty rubber bands in several sizes.  Rubber bands are not included with the molds! nationalartcraft is an online store that sells a nice assortment of heavy duty rubber bands.  Make sure you are using the appropriate size band for the mold,  Using a band that is to large will result in a mold that is not sealed enough and you will have leaks.  Using bands that are too tight or small in size can add stress to the mold and cause uneven pressure resulting in leaks.  

Q: My silicone candle mold came in more that 2 pieces?

Molds with removable inserts:  These molds are 2 piece molds, and in some rare cases 3 pc molds..that have an insert that can be removed from the mold.  This insert is there for a reason.  It is not a broken piece,  The insert helps to remove the candle from the mold.  We find these candles to be a little trickier to get out the mold.  Have patience. Practice makes perfect.

Q: What is a "Black Mold"?

A: A black mold is a mold that has only ever been used with black wax.  These molds have absorbed the black dye from the wax and will forever only be able to be used for making a black candle...  Trust me on this... no matter how much you may want the mold, take this into consideration.   You cannot clean the dye from a black mold.  Black molds are always clearly indicated as such on the listing.  If the mold listing does not say "Black Mold", then it is not a black mold. 

Q:  Do you have a .... mold? The mold i am REALLY looking for?

A: I probably just need to give me time to find it.  I have thousands of molds to go through and its going to take a while....

Q: Can you make me a pumpkin, 6" tall cat, and a peacock mold

A:  Yes, we are able to create molds from your design. For Custom Candle Molds click here.