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About Us

About the People and the Dream at ...

We are a small business in which the Owner is a candlemaker with 30+ years of experience and a never dying love to this art.

The idea for Vault was born shortly after the last of the great Candle Mold Makers - Pourette - disappeared.
The Vault has the goal to keep Candle Making history alive and Manufacturers such as Pourette, Natcol, Barker, and so many more have shaped the art of Candle Crafting for decades. In many ways by creating a huge variety of different and, often, unique Candle molds.

Our Goal:
We want to provide a SINGLE place - here at the Vault - where ALL Candle Molds can be found, identified and bought. Candle Molds may be available as Originals or reproduced copies.
We also offer or Forum to find and share more information about Candle Molds, Candle Making, and much more.

You are right at the Vault as:
A Candle Maker:
You may find molds that you have been trying to find for a long time. Or you have molds that are not yet in our database and might give us a chance to include this mold and its history. You have ideas for other crafters to share? You are looking for new Ideas?
The Vault and the Forum is there FOR YOU.

A Supplier:
You offer molds, supplies or other unique products for candle crafting? Include your molds into our Database and help candle makers to find faster what they are looking for through the Vault Catalog.
You wish a community of candle makers in one place to talk to? Our Facebook page, Blog and Twitter are your one-stop destinations.

The Vault is here to support and conserve the great Art and History of this amazing Craft.

And we, at the Vault, hope that YOU, as a crafter or business, help us to make this dream true.